Discover a world of mystery, power, and excitement with our Black Edition items.

From TENS therapy to a head massager, our newest products are guaranteed to leave you satisfied and happy.


Head Into Relaxation 

With the Ogawa Black Claw, the skill of a professional masseuse is now at your fingertips. Its flexible, 84-point Silicon Rollers are designed to knead powerfully and precisely without harming your scalp.

The Black Claw is also portable and convenient; simply pop it in your bag and bring it to work, to the malls, or on vacation. Keep headaches at bay and push your aches away – all with the push of a button.

Multi-Functional, Multi-Purpose


Tailored With Your Body In Mind

From the deskbound office worker to the gymnastic athlete, the Tuxedo can find a niche for any situation. With its free-rotation silicon head, you can nudge away aches anywhere on your body using the force of 7000 pulses per minute.

The Tuxedo also slips easily into a handbag or laptop bag, and is great for some quick relief from sore muscles.

A Mode For Any Mood

Vivid Touch 2.0

Blend In With Black

Experience a truly revitalising massage with zero interference to your daily life. The Vivid Touch 2.0 utilises Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology to stimulate your nerves and senses and encourage healing. This technology also activates muscle groups and unblocks clogged acupoints in the body, which helps to improve blood circulation. 

Best of all, it’s lightweight, hands-free, and fits easily under your clothes. Slip it on and revitalise your muscles with its seven different massage functions.


Complete Rejuvenation Coverage


Massage Anytime, Anywhere

Recline and rejuvenate in bliss with the De-luxe, a smart massage pillow with an in-built heater that mimics the touch of a professional masseur. The De-Luxe is also lightweight and portable with a rechargeable battery, and can easily be attached to your car seat or office chair.

Strengthen your back muscles and knead away those neck aches in minutes with the De-Luxe!


Portable Relief