The Airify™ is the next step in the evolution of air purifiers.

Revolutionizing the definition of keeping the family safe indoors, the Airify™ is an air purifier that features Germagic Technology together with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) technology, that eliminates harmful microbial activity and sanitizes the air of which you breathe.

It’s more than an air cleaner, it’s a conqueror.

The air you breathe indoors can be 10x more harmful than the air outside.

The Airify™ Protects Your Home:
Eliminates up to
of Harmful Microbes
Clean Air Delivery Rate:

Key Functional Properties

What’s the Difference with other filters?

Germagic Filter

More than an Air Cleaner, It’s a Conqueror

The Airify™ main arsenal to eliminate harmful pollutants is its 2-in-1 filter that uses both Germagic technology and HEPA technology, giving it excellent antimicrobial properties that are effective and comprehensive in air sanitization.

Germagic coating allows it to detect and kill germs and bacteria while HEPA technology uses high density interlacing fibres to trap microbes as air sieves through the air purifier.

Germagic Filter

Effectiveness Rate
Laboratory Test Result

*Based on 60 mins Germagic Filter Exposure


Virucidal Effectiveness



Virucidal Effectiveness


Influenza A (H3N2)

Virucidal Effectiveness


Influenza B

Virucidal Effectiveness


Killing Harmful Microbes
in 3 Ways


The only thing sweeter about breathing in clean purified air, is breathing it in with your favourite aromas or essential oils. Enhance the atmospheric ambience and reap the aromatic intrinsic benefits that will soothe your mind, body and spirit.

Easy Controls And Settings

You control the conqueror. Set the functions of the Airify™ according to your personal needs.


High Speed Setting
(Poor Air Quality Detected)


Medium Speed Setting
(Medium Air Detected)


Low Speed Setting
(Good Air Detected)

Functionality Expressed Through Design

Auto Air Quality Detection and Light Indicator