Hop on the EZ Wave

Shape-up and get toned the EZ Way. The new and improved high performance EZ Wave Lite brings back the Advanced Oscillator and Vibrational technology in an all new sleek metallic outlook for the modern home. Begin your journey of fitness and health today, the EZ Way.

The Change You Desire

Advanced Oscillator Technology effectively delivers high frequency vibrational signals throughout the entire body, increasing muscle contractions, improving muscle strength, co-ordination and balance – ultimately resulting in energy expenditure, toning of muscles and reduced stubborn fat.

Step Out for an Increased Intensity Workout

Simply adopting a wider stance on the EZ Wave Lite enables you to ramp up the intensity. The Oscillating Plate simulates a different level of vibrational frequency at different feet positions. Work your way easily from a warm up in the center, building up to a jog. Finally, widen your stance fully for an enhanced cardio experience.


Product Name

EZ Wave Lite – Full Body Exerciser



Dimensions (L x W x H)

762mm x 305mm x 101mm