De-lite-fully Comforting

Indulge in a delightful experience of comfort with a shiatsu twist. The Mobile Shiatsu Lite is a multipurpose back massage pillow designed to be lightweight, portable and features 4 massage rollers that kneads away tight muscles - shiatsu style. Get the instant relief you desire with ease.

One Massager, Unlimited Possibilities

Neck & Shoulder

Positioned at the neck area, relieve strains in neck and shoulders from excessive time spent facing digital devices.


Positioned at the back area, relieve tightness felt in the lower lumber, mid-section, or upper shoulder blades caused by long hours spent sitting or improper posture.


Rest either leg in between the rollers to target sore calves, thighs and even ankles for improved blood circulation and healing.


Rest either arm in between the rollers to target fatigue forearms or upper-arms for quick recovery.

Once the heat function is activated, each of the 4 auto-rotational massage heads will warm up to an approximate 50ºC – the optimal temperature for blending massage relaxation with quick and effective muscle recovery.


Product Name

Mobile Shiatsu Lite – Mobile Massage Pillow



Dimensions (L x W x H)

380mm x 115mm x 210mm