Wow Yourself with Reflexology

The feet is an evolutionary marvel.
Comprising of approximately 42 muscles, 26 bones, 33 sweat glands, a complex of ligaments and tendons and up to 15,000 nerve endings that connect to various vital organs in the body.

Strategic stimulation of accupresure points improve blood circulation, promotes a variety of internal organ and joint health and keeps you feeling at the peak of your condition.

Target Areas

The O.M.G delivers acupressure point targeting in the fore foot and instep arch effectively, improving blood circulation and revitalizing multiple internal organ health. Enjoy feeling at the peak of performance, throughout the day.

At Risk Of:
Increased Blood Pressure | Poor Blood Circulation | Strained Eyes | Compromised Posture | Slow Metabolic Rate

The O.M.G is bound to surprise you by relieving aches and pains felt in the forefoot and ankles instantly. With a consistent dose of reflexology, you can now indulge in your shopping sprees to your heart’s desires.

At Risk Of:
Overall Fatigue | Muscle Soreness | Joint Pains | Lower Back Pain | Slow Metabolic Rate

The O.M.G assures them peace of mind by giving them the rejuvenating boost they need to go the distance. Revitalize your soles for the road ahead, as the greatest of journeys begin with a single step.

At Risk Of:
Overall Fatigue | Muscle Swelling | Soreness in the Arches | Knee Pain | Ankle Pain

The O.M.G will be with you all the way. Heal faster and dive right back into your regime after a quick blast of recovery with thermal massage therapy and airbag compressions, capable of reducing muscle swelling almost instantly. Be amazed.

At Risk Of:
Physical Burnout | Overexertion of Lungs | Soreness in Feet | Soreness in Feet | Muscle Swelling | Lower Back Pain | Joint Pain

The O.M.G is a fully capable therapeutic massager that gives them a much-desired sliver of relaxation at any time in the day. Step into a haven that heals and calms the mind, body and soul.

At Risk Of:
Lowered Immune System | Mental Fatigue | Swelling Sensations | Loss of Appetite | Irregular Metabolic Rate | Headaches


Model Name


Model Number

OF 1729

Power Source


Auto Timer

15 Minutes


Approx. 6kg


41(L) x 44(W) x 40(H) cm