Shake it off & Shape it up

The Shake Shape is a slimming and beauty massager that targets and shakes away stubborn fats and smooth out cellulite effectively.
Using high intensity vibrations and high frequency oscillation, shape your body and flaunt your new found confidence with a toned and slimmer look.

Multiple Area Targeting

Apply the Shake Shape's slimming therapy to your intended area of massage.

Normal Intensity Mode

1,250 Revolutions Per Min

High Intensity Mode

1,510 Revolutions Per Min

Recommended Usage: 1 min per area

Total Massage Time: 5 Min

Pair the Shake Shape with your favourite beauty serums, moisturizers or skin lotions for enhanced skin absorption and a therapeutic pampering session.


Product Name

Shake Shape – Slimming Massager



Dimensions (L x W x H)

195mm x 81mm x 145mm